Montag, 6. November 2017

Build a hypercube 3d printer

After I had exhausted my old printer to its limits, I needed a new 3D printer. Since my wife was of the opinion that I didn't need a new one, I thought "Build your own 3d printer"... so I searched for something at google and found this great model: I spent about 100 Euro on all parts, I kept to the BOM in the URL and ordered most parts from Banggood. Here is another list with the special things from Germany: Extruder: MKS Gen 1.4 Board: Power Supply: Endstops: Pulleys: GFK Baseplate: IGUS Bearing: IGUS Linear Bearings: Join me on my adventure, I try to document every single step. Sometimes you see only photos or I just describe what I did. If you like it, subscribe to my channel or click the "Thumbs up" button.

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