Sonntag, 30. August 2020

S01E01 Tools: How to determine the memory consumption in STM32?

For my summer project I used a STM32 of the first generation, i.e. M0 used for my XMOTO. As tool I use the Arduino IDE with the framework stm32duino. You can find all links in the video description. Ok, this is my first project with a 32bit MCU, the STM32F04 ... the solution is born out of necessity, because my PCB manufacturer doesn't have Attiny1617 in stock anymore, well I didn't want to wait long so I decided to try something new, so I changed my PCB so that it can handle a STM32 in a very small format. Unfortunately it has only 32 Kbyte of flash memory, well that is a lot for a MCU but unfortunately I didn't expect the frameworks. They are much bigger than what you are used to from the 8bit Arduinos. So when I want to compile my XMOTO project, the compiler tells me that my flash is too small! So, how to determine the memory consumption in STM32? stm32duino: MapViewer: XMoto github: XMoto TestJig: Getriebemotor: Hallsensor Polulu: Encoder Disk: Marlin I2C: Schaltung:|ee20d01f47994c7bb7b4558dd10a3b34|91005d8f52644fb1bd8040d7561a844a Attiny1617 Arduino: SMT Assembly: ------------------------------------------------------ PETG: Anycubic i3 Mega: Monoprice Select Mini II: Extruder: Silicon socks: EOS 200d: Videoleuchte:

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