Freitag, 26. Januar 2018

S01E01: XHTC / Idea and Design for an automatic tool changer for my hypercube

This is my winter project, called XHTC. Episode 1 describe the Idea and Design in Fusion360. Links and BOM --------------------- Fusion360 Design: Build XHypercube Playlist: Diskussion: PCB for Pogo-Pins: ---- This is a list of all used external Parts for XHTC Project: Neodym magnet balls 10mm 5pcs 5.99 Euro Neodym magnet quader 5x5mm 10pcs 3.99 Euro Washer DIN 9021 M6 10pcs 1.00 (9.37 for 100) Superglue 1pcs 3.99 Euro Needles from bearing 2.5x10mm 2pcs 0.20 Euro (6.99 for 100) Pogo Pins 5pcs 4.43 Euro (8.86 for 10)

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